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​Naugatuck, Connecticut

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Who and What is Club Comedy?

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Experience - Club Comedy is owned and operated by nationally known professional stand up comedian Dave Reilly who has been seen on Fox, MTV, Las Vegas Venetian, AC Trump Casino, LA, Royal caribbean Cruise Lines and over 5000 comedy performances in 5 different countries.  Comedian Dave Reilly has also done thousands of comedy fundraising shows in the past 10 years to help numerous non profit charities and is always giving back to communities nationwide.  We also are owned by Funny Guy Productions, LLC who has been booking professional comedy shows for over 20 years.  Our connections in the comedy world go far and deep to assure our customers top comedy entertainment at every show.

What to expect - Plan on arriving early if you are planning on a full meal before the show.  Appetizers are great during the show but its difficult to eat a full meal while trying to focus on the comedy show.  We have a great selection of unique and flavorful cocktails both alcohol and non-alcohol based.  Craft beers and wine are always on the menu.  Seating will be arranged by the group purchased at same time.  So please have one person from your group purchase all the tickets if you wish to be guaranteed to sit together.

Dress code - Wash your ass, brush your teeth and put on clean underwear.  Casual attire is great but many of our patrons like to dress it up a notch, so please dress according to your mood.  No tank tops, no wife beaters, no muscle shirts, no gang or club colors/patches and absolutely no ghetto saggy pants!  

Attitude - This is a place of fun and laughter.  Our comedians will be joking about many subjects and we try to stay away from comedians that curse just for the sake of cursing.  We believe a strategically placed "adult word" is fine with us but it should be used sparingly and focus more on the comedy than the language for the laughs.  You as a guest should be in an open mind and not easily offended.  If you are easily offended, please stay the hell home.  The world is way to politically correct these days and this is a "Politically Correct" FREE ZONE.  If you can't handle your drinks and start to act a fool during the comedy show, we will remove you from the show room and you will Not be refunded your money so please plan on no talking during the show as to respect the other audience members.  Other than that, its pretty simple, show up, eat and drink, laugh your ass off and maybe stay for some retro 80's dancing after the show!

All of our Live Comedy shows feature hand picked Comedian headliners from across the country who have been seen on various comedy shows such as HBO, Comedy Central, A&E and MTV!  Most shows have a 3 comedian line up. Basically, our comedians don't suck!

One show Friday at 9:00pm ​

​Two shows Saturday at 7:30pm & 9:30pm

All of our live CT comedy show tickets will be available for purchase in advance and at the door (if show is not sold out in advance).  You will be able to check on availability via your smart phone or your computer.  Our shows are table seating with food and cocktail service at your table.
​Box Office (203) 805-1855 

Info on Tickets 

PHONE - 203-805-1855 / Visa & MC Accepted

Location + Hours

Comedy Club and Devour Pub/Restaurant is located at 585 south Main St, Naugatuck, CT. Just a 1/2 mile off exits 25 or 26 on Route 8 in Naugatuck, CT.  We offer a full Pub Style menu featuring comfort foods
​and full meals that will keep your cardiologist very happy.  We even have healthy selections for you babies that can't handle pork fat and butter!

as seen on TV, Vegas and top Comedy Clubs Nationwide!
​                          ...Our comedians dont suck! 

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